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Pharmaceuticals, Surgical Supplies and OMS Products


Receive an automatic up-front 5% discount on all of the items SAS sells.

Southern Anesthesia & Surgical, Inc. (SAS) has served AAOMS members as an ASI Approved Program since 1997. SAS continues to support members with their AAOMS Member Buying Group Program as detailed below.

To make sure your practice is part of the group, call 800-624-5926. If you’re not, let SAS know you would like to be a part of the AAOMS Buying Group. It’s that easy to start saving today!

Receive an automatic upfront 5% discount on all of the items SAS sells, including pharmaceuticals, supplies and OMS specialty products that are used every day in your practice. With just $10k in annual purchases from SAS, your practice will receive a 3% year-end rebate. This is money coming right back into your practice each year. Remember to factor in your discounts when comparing prices!

A portion of each purchase you make from SAS is paid to AAOMS. These funds help to limit membership dues and are invested in programs providing added member benefits. This year alone SAS will contribute over $600,000.

Don’t wait! Call SAS today.
Join. Save. Invest.
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ASI Approved Programs

Financial Services

Merchant services, collections, practice and patient financing

Practice Efficiency

Electronic attachment, coding products, HIPAA compliance, dental inventory management program, automated answering service, payroll and HR services


Supplies and Repairs

Pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies, OMS specialty products, office supplies, pneumatic and electrical drill repair

Specialty Services

Medications, PPO analysis and negotiation, stem cell banking, refining

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